Back to school colors piece by piece

Back to school colors piece by piece

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Consulting stylist Catherine Filoche for Dulux Valentine unveils 4 color palettes for 4 rooms: the entrance, the living room, a leisure corner and an office. On the program: orange, gray, bluish and purple! What inspire you to renew the colors of our decor. - The entrance corner: welcoming in Halloween orange, curry and blue. Graphic lines, the extended color on the ceiling, and blue in contrast with small touches. - The living room or relaxation area: a section of wall painted in a strong color (purple), the niches of a library painted in gray and purple stand out by contrast. - The office area: a zinc blue materializes the office area in a room. Symbolically, blue is conducive to concentration. - The music corner: yellow and gray, two trendy colors also ideal for a teenage bedroom. Gray walls and yellow doors or basements of walls in yellow. Colors to follow…


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