12 architect tables for your office

12 architect tables for your office

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To let your creativity speak, the right desk is the architect's table. Directly inspired by the professional table, it will bring a refined style to your interior and leave you a large workspace. The architect's office is very simple. It is often a board mounted on trestles which is more like the table than the desk. Free of accessories such as drawers or shelves, this type of desk allows you to obtain maximum space to work on large sheets but also to display all the books you need to study. Its sleek and unconventional appearance allows it to be integrated into any room without breaking the harmony. Thus, if you do not have a room dedicated to the office space, the architect's table will be more aesthetic in a living room than a traditional office. Students or people with small spaces can also use it both as a table and as an office to save significant space. Finally, this type of desk has the main advantage of being, most of the time, adjustable. Not only can you adjust the desk to your height, but above all you can tilt the worktop to maximize your comfort. Discover our selection of offices inspired by architect's tables:

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