The baroque style revisited

The baroque style revisited

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Between the slightly cocotte private cabinet and a more contemporary Baroque style, everyone treats it in their own way in the house. The reappearance of the Baroque style is a curious consequence of the improvement of laser techniques. Now easy to cut thanks to the latter, plexiglass, steel and other materials can display complex shapes, scrolls or arabesques that were once difficult to imagine without the expert hand of a craftsman. Advances in molding techniques and the qualities of new plastics also allow all delusions. Thus are born mirrors with moldings of unrivaled richness, tables with very worked legs, transparent medallion chairs, chest plump implausible, all often dressed in bright colors or on the contrary all black, gold or silver, adorned . Just see the bright orange "Poldo Como" order at Conran Shop, the Ghost chair by Philippe Starck at Kartell, or other consoles and seats at Acrila, or Lisaura, to get an idea. These are just some of the many examples available today. The baroque revisited, 21st century version captures the attractions of the past, but reinterpreted in contemporary sauce, new materials, vibrant colors, marriages of decorative patterns from various eras. … It has basically, really baroque, that are extravagance, its exuberance, no matter the criteria and ornamental patterns of the time (XVI-XVII century), retain only this aspect and you will have already understood everything … This new style is also available on your walls with wallpapers covered with giant damask patterns, but also and above all plethora of wall stickers. They offer a multitude of possibilities, are often less expensive and easier to install. At Castorama, you can find rosettes with adhesive molding patterns for your ceilings, others with black lace, or damask patterns at Leroy-Merlin. On the internet, armchairs, clocks and mirrors, in all black silhouettes, are presented in the collections of the site, again the offer is vast. The household linen is not to be outdone, it also dresses with palmette patterns, large acanthus leaves and other typical patterns. A little advice do not neglect flea markets which can sometimes allow you, by customizing them, to find and then transform parts, originally without great interest, or take the example of catalogs like La Maison de Valérie which offers you a chest of drawers all silver that you can customize with stickers. From the object to transform, found in empty attics through mail-order catalogs, and large brands, you will be spoiled for choice.


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