Lacquered glass, a very decorative material

Lacquered glass, a very decorative material

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We know tinted glass, very decorative but which lets light through. There is also lacquered glass, opaque this time, for other applications. Jean-François Outin, Glass market manager at Saint-Gobain Glass Solutions, deciphers this new product for us.

What is lacquered glass?

It is a material that combines the elegance of glass and the shine of lacquer, and allows the creation of characterful and original decorations. At Saint-Gobain Glass Solutions, his name is Décolaque. Its opaque appearance is obtained by depositing and baking a layer of very resistant lacquer on one of the layers of the glass. It offers a quality aesthetic finish.

What are the applications of lacquered glass?

Its applications are multiple. It can be used as a wall covering, in a fixed or sliding partition, in a partition door, in a cupboard door, in furniture (to make desks, tables, shelves, etc.) or even as a sideboard. For an application behind the hotplates, Saint-Gobain Glass Solutions has developed a special product, Décolaque Fond de Hotte, made of toughened Securit glass. It is available in five colors: alpine white, ecru, water green, dark gray and deep black.

In what colors is the lacquered glass available?

There are 18 shades. In warm colors, the lacquered glass is available in alpine white, satin white, ecru, taupe coffee, chocolate, bright red, purple red and raspberry. In cool colors, there is water green, pale green, pistachio green, pastel white, pearl gray, dark gray, deep black, midnight blue and plum. Décolaque is also available, on request, in an acid-etched version on the front of the glass for a mat finish.

Besides the color, what are the advantages of lacquered glass?

Décolaque can be glued because the lacquer prevents seeing the glue. It exists in large dimensions (up to 2500 x 3200 mm) and in 4 or 6 mm thickness. It allows perfect finishes. You can even include decorative patterns by silvering. Finally the products being in stock, the service is fast.

How does lacquered glass work?

Simply use a soft cloth and a non-abrasive detergent such as window cleaner. It is very simple to maintain.

Does lacquered glass respect the environment?

Indoors, Décolaque guarantees a healthy and unpolluted environment. It is free of heavy metals and meets the most severe recommendations in terms of emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and formaldehydes.

Where can you buy this lacquered glass?

You must contact a mirror maker or even Verre Solutions. Verre Solutions is a network made up of Saint-Gobain personnel, who work on small and medium-sized projects, both for professionals and individuals. These craftsmen know the product and its implementation well.

How much does lacquered glass cost?

It is difficult to give a price because everything depends on the dimensions, the thickness, the cuts. You have to make a quote. However, this material remains affordable because it is an industrial manufacture. To know more : www.verre-solutions.com


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