6 decor ideas for a living room with a recycled spirit

6 decor ideas for a living room with a recycled spirit

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Nothing to buy or almost. The street is full of things to recover, you still have to have ideas. Here are a few that will allow you to make creations with pallets, crates or a… colander. It's your turn !

A pallet coffee table on wheels

Very simple to make, you pick up a palette in the street (it is very easy to find), you sand it with an electric sander and you wax it. Then attach casters to the 4 corners of the pallet and possibly on the central bar for good hold.

Storage crates

Also very simple and hyper-economical, transform crates into shelves or storage lockers. Ask in supermarkets for crates of fruit and vegetables. To paint in the color of your choice: simply white, or taupe or gray. Then we put bed linen or towels. The rendering is very decorative!

A bottle holder lamp

Polish an old metal bottle holder and use an electrical system with socket, wire and switch. Attach the socket to the handle using a cable tie. Place vases with artificial flowers in each compartment, or brushes for a more arty effect.

A ceiling lamp in plastic bottles

Pet light is a support to create a luminaire for 9 plastic bottles. It accommodates bottles of 0.5 and 1.5 liters. It's fun and it's recovered. You then install the bottles (empty of course!) Of your choice and voila. Available in France from October.

A cable unwinder as a garden table

There, it may be necessary to be several to recover the unwinder. In raw wood surrounded by a metal hoop, it is a beautiful object in itself. It can be sanded, varnished, painted, or left rough, it is up to everyone's taste. In small format, it's a nice coffee table. And the good idea is to drag a light point in the central axis!

A very culinary suspension

A colander, forks or spoons or a bit of both, small hooks. We cut the sleeves of the cutlery using a drill and a special metal drill bit, we pass the small hooks which we in turn slide into the holes of the colander. The special kitchen light is created!


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