The stains on the tablecloth, it's over!

The stains on the tablecloth, it's over!

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Making spots on the tablecloth during a meal is almost inevitable except that from now on it is no longer a problem: the stains slide on the tablecloth and do not hang. A revolution ! Invisible to the naked eye and to the touch, the new Green Sweet tablecloth from Garnier-Thiebaut, nevertheless has an innovative stain-resistant treatment which guarantees simple and economical use of linen over the course of the days. No need to put the tablecloth in the washing machine after each use, a sponge stroke will suffice. But why don't the spots adhere to the fabric? This is an advanced technology called nanotechnology. In the Vosges, Garnier-Thiebaut engineers subject the tablecloth to a special treatment which creates a fine structure around the textile surface, comparable to a carpet of beads. What do I do to remove the tasks? Just gently absorb the liquids or dab them with a damp sponge. The laundry will remain clean and dry, thus avoiding a multitude of washes: you save energy and it's good for the planet. From 125 euros for a 175x175 cm tablecloth, also available as table runner and table set. > More info on


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