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No need to travel to choose your painting in store, now you can prepare your decoration projects from your computer by buying your painting on Presentation… On the online store, you will find no less than 125 colors to imagine your decoration project. You will have the choice among classic ranges of paints for walls, floors, ceilings ... but also chalk, magnet, phosphorescent paint or for iron or wood. And to carry out your work, the site also offers brushes, rollers and protection kits. And to accompany you, you will find videos presenting tips and practical solutions to realize your desires yourself. Avi also offers all-in-one packs to guide you through your painting work. For the living room, the bathroom or the bedroom, you will choose between three atmospheres. The pack includes pots of paint in trendy colors and accessories suitable for the realization. Most : For the first 500 orders over 50 euros, a protection kit and delivery are offered! > More info on


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