7 tips for a productive office area

7 tips for a productive office area

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Back to school is coming to an end with its parade of promotional operations on notebooks, binders and other school supplies. The time has come to swap your swimsuit for a studious atmosphere and a beautiful workspace! Whether you exercise from home or are a student, the office is undeniably a high place of creation. Write, calculate, draw, revise, reflect, solve, design or undertake ... The range of works is rich and varied. But to be efficient in your work, there is no question of skipping an office space worthy of the name. Exit the secretary who overflows with paperwork of all kinds, place an organized and productive office corner! To help you, here are 7 tips to arrange yours without breaking your piggy bank or doing heavy work.

1. Bring in the light

© Lesidéesdemamaison / Velux To have clear ideas and work efficiently, you place your desk in a bright corner. Close to a window or under a velux window, you make the most of natural light. However, we take care not to shade ourselves, and if necessary we supplement with a nice desk lamp. We don't hesitate to multiply the light points if necessary: ​​the important thing is to have a workspace always well lit to avoid fatigue. And why not a light garland? Hanging on the wall or in a jar on the desk, it will make your everyday life look festive. Bright ideas are yours!

2. Getting comfortable

© Archzine / Monmobilierdesign The second step for an optimal office area: comfort ! We choose a quality chair, if possible ergonomic with good lumbar support. Prevention is better than cure ! There are many models that support the spine. Whether your choice is for a model with or without wheels, we try if possible to choose a height adjustable chair. As for the armrests, it's a personal choice. If our elected representative has them, we check however that they are not blocking to advance towards the office. But what is the ideal posture? The first thing to check is that our feet are touching the ground. If this is not the case, we can add a small case (but a few directories will also do the trick!). The screen should be located at a distance of about one arm, with the gaze that rests on its upper third. And why not try the Ikea Skarsta sit / stand desk? Fully adjustable in height, it adapts to the way you work. Ingenious!

3. Create orderly storage

© shake my blog / Ideas from my house So as not to get overwhelmed and keep ideas clear, we remain methodical! And of course this goes through the storage box. We avoid piling up too much on the table, only a few pots to have your supplies close at hand. On the wall, we hang shelves on which we store some inspiring boxes and books. Finally, for stationery and files, care is taken to have a few drawers or a box at the foot of the desk. The infallible advice: at the end of the day, you arm yourself with courage to tidy up your office ... History to start again on good bases the next day!

4. Display your sources of inspiration

© Atelier / Mademoiselle Claudine To increase your motivation and move mountains, we surrounds itself with good vibrations! A beautiful framed poster to get away for a break, an inspiring quote that reminds you that nothing is impossible… And why not a bulletin board to pin your inspirations? Whether it is cork or wire mesh, nothing likea moodboard to boost your creativity! And if you don't want to make a hole, you can also opt for masking tape! This repositionable scotch tape of Japanese origin is now everywhere and multiplies the patterns… To give back pep's to a monochrome poster, why not opt ​​for neon colors? Creativity is yours!

5. Set time marks

© jenwoodhouse / Decoclico In order not to lose the pace, we take care to surround ourselves with time marks. For this, what could be better than a beautiful designer clock? With that, you can't be late or miss your dates! Likewise, we adopt an XXL calendar to hang on the wall. Convenient to view your month at a glance! And why not create your own schedule for the week? It is the number one tool to visualize the challenges ahead. A simple blackboard, colorful masking tape, and the important dates are written in chalk. Alternative version: flexible planning. We write each task on a post-it and we position it all in the table. With this system, no more erasures even if the program has to change!

6. Adopt plants

© Jardinerenville / Une vie mot rose When you are in the middle of a rush, it sometimes happens that you feel like you are running out of air. With all of today's technology - computer, phone, tablet or smartphone - we are increasingly feeling a desire to return to basics, naturally. For that, we do not hesitate to adopt plants. To get some oxygen between two Excel files, nothing better than taking care of your little proteges who make it so good! Small cacti, succulents, patterned plants, depolluting plants… There is something for every taste ! And if you don't have a green thumb, don't worry! Today there are smartphone apps like Plant Care Reminder that remind you when to water your friends. As a bonus, it is even possible to give them names. Indulge !

7. Allow yourself relaxing rituals

© Carnet Prune To keep up the pace without getting exhausted, it is important to take time off. Look out the window, light a small scented candle, drink a good hot drink, dance to your favorite music… So many little moments that allow dreams and escape! On his desk, you can plug in a Himalayan pink salt crystal lamp for example. Ideal for purifying your space and soothing your mind! Likewise, we can create little rituals, like hydrating our hands with a delicately scented cream. Indeed, appealing to your senses allows you to anchor yourself in the present moment and thus avoid anxiety in advance. And why not a small essential oil diffuser? Some even plug into the computer's USB port! You choose the synergy: stimulating, relaxing, anti-migraine, purifying ... We allow ourselves to take the time to be kind to yourself: the basics! Now that you know everything about the ideal office corner, all you have to do is get to work. Have a good start!


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