Clocks ahead of their time

Clocks ahead of their time

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Long gone are the days of grandmother's old clocks which gently clapped and rocked even the most awakened. The clocks are now in the era of decoration and design and display resolutely modern, unusual or downright offbeat looks. The specialist Karlsson thus offers several resolutely design models such as the "Do it yourself" clock. With small multicolored cubes of 5 cm side, it is thus possible to rearrange his wall clock according to his mood. The blue cords which, traditionally, must always keep an eye on the time to control the cooking of their favorite dishes will certainly be tempted by the Design covered clock (24.95 € on For fans of a decor that blends in with the decor, the Cardboard Books clock can easily be placed on a library and thus allows reading enthusiasts to always know what time it is! (23.95 € on Fans of graphics and broken lines will opt for the Blow up clock, designed by Fratelli Campana for Alessi, which with its 65 cm diameter imposes its ultra-modernity without difficulty (150 € on The little ones are not forgotten. To help them fall asleep at night, there is no need to count the sheep. Just follow the malicious eyes of the Swing Eyes clock robot which moves to mark the passage of time. So let yourself be tempted and unlike Alice's white rabbit in Wonderland, never be late again!


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