Penguins and penguins as a decorative motif

Penguins and penguins as a decorative motif

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Stars of the canvas and darlings of children, penguins and penguins arrive in our decor. These two polar birds are used as patterns on decorative accessories with natural and ecological accents. Unearthed for you, our good shopping ideas around this theme. Follow the guide !


We like the "penguin" sticker from the eco-designed range signed Cocobohème . It is an adhesive with a slate coating, to write small words in chalk. To have on a window, a wall or a piece of furniture, these eco-friendly stickers are made from potato starch, therefore biodegradable.


Let's continue with the decoration of the walls and the wallpaper Ferm Living "Animal Farm". Stuck with animal motifs, including the penguin, this sparkling green paper will perfectly dress a section of a child's bedroom wall. Also consider using it to customize furniture. Also, the one presented at the opening, from the Scandinavian Isak , to find on the online sales site lacerisesurladeco.com

But also…

You will also find accessories, notably night lights or soap dispensers, including salt and pepper shakers.