Peony red patterns

Peony red patterns

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Make your interior blush like a peony! In an Asian, retro or bucolic spirit, the red peony pattern dresses carpets, textiles and other accessories to wake up your decor. To help you make your choices, discover our shopping selection around this bright red pattern.


Set the tone with a carpet with peony red patterns. If your living room is made up of a majority of light tones or if you preferred brown to decorate your walls, this will be perfect! Prefer it in a Japanese style with flowers or more contemporary, depending on the spirit of your room.


Peony red patterns are regularly used in textile collections, household linen, cushions and tea towels. At the brand Let Lucie Do , the cushions are adorned with this flashy tone. It is also found in The icing on the cake , household linen signed Anne Hubert but also at Pip Studio and its flowery universe.

But also…

Peony red also appeals to designers of decorative accessories of all kinds… on candles, a jewelry box, on dishes, at Luminarc with his collection Summer dream especially.