A steam cleaner for household cleaning

A steam cleaner for household cleaning

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Smart partner of a healthy habitat, the steam cleaner will dislodge dust, dirt, hair, mites and bacteria in an ecological way. The Siméo Shark steam cleaner offers greener cleaning because it allows deep cleaning, deodorization, disinfection and degreasing without any detergent. Using machine washable microfiber cloths, dust is lifted from tiles, parquet or carpet and captured. For optimal comfort, the cleaning head rotates 180 °. It thus makes it possible to clean the floor with one side of the rag and to make the finishes with the second side without having to change accessories. Likewise, you have the choice between a rectangular cleaning head for large areas and a triangular head so as not to forget any corner. Finally, thanks to its extra long wire, the range of the steam cleaner is 18 m. Price 129.99 euros> More info on


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