Create a contemporary garden

Create a contemporary garden

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How to give a very personal touch to your garden so that it is representative of your lifestyle and your tastes. Eric Vallet, landscaper, manager of Arbora paysagiste des Pays de La Loire, in Torfou (49), gives us his advice. Interview by Charlotte Cousin What are the main types of gardens and their particularities? The garden does not follow pre-established rules. Its design must always be done in integration with the immediate environment and the existing building. The ideal is to be able to use the philosophy or the main idea of ​​a concept while associating it with local materials or already in place on the ground. The style of the garden should not become a constraint (frequent pruning of shrubs, regular weeding ...). Several trends are currently emerging: Mediterranean-inspired gardens with large mineral surfaces that reduce maintenance, the use of plants inspiring the South (Olive trees, lavenders, oleanders, etc.) or exoticism (palm trees, yuccas, agaves). …) As well as the use of pottery and limestone paving. Japanese or Zen-inspired gardens with large mineral surfaces too, bonsai-style cut plants, bamboo or granite fountains and lanterns, ponds inhabited by koi carp… Are there so-called contemporary gardens? The modern, fairly sober gardens, more urban than rural, reflect contemporary interiors on the outside and often use the same materials. Objective: create continuity between inside and outside. To do this, we use noble materials such as wood, stone (slate, granite, limestone) or contemporary concrete (deactivated, colored, bush hammered, polished, brushed). What place to give the house in the creation of its garden? A garden is arranged according to the constraints linked to the layout of the house on the ground, its orientation, its positioning in relation to the street, the main entrance, the garage, the neighborhood… It is therefore the house that holds the first role in the creation of the garden. This should serve as a backdrop to enhance it. It must ensure that it is welcoming and open near the entrance while preserving the privacy of its occupants. Use as much as possible of the materials found on the house in order to preserve a certain unity. Terraced or green roofs allow better integration into the natural environment. > More info


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