An all plexiglass decor, between transparency and trompe-l'oeil

An all plexiglass decor, between transparency and trompe-l'oeil

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Colorful, playful and sometimes completely offbeat, the plexiglass decoration offers many possibilities of styles and atmosphere. It was in the 1960s that plastic and its derivatives appeared in the home. If it is through cooking and tableware that it slides into it, the designers then use it to create large-scale objects. With the appearance of plexiglass, the designer Philippe Starck offers the armchair Louis Ghost both elegant because reproduction of the Louis XVI armchair but avant-garde by the material of which it is made. Many other seats were therefore created by the French designer. Others then followed and pushed the concept further. This is the case of Acrila, who adds trompe-l'oeil patterns to her Plexiglas furniture. So we can find a plexiglass seat with quilted patterns imitating 17th century seats or a baroque plexi table whose patterns remind us of the 16th century. In a more contemporary and modern style, the Aïtali brand plays with shapes in addition to patterns to offer very original Plexiglas furniture. We thus find a three-legged chair with strange shapes or a chair still in plexiglass but with garden chair motifs ... Among the many advantages that we give to decoration and furniture in plexiglass, we note the wide variety of patterns that can be offered in a trompe-l'oeil style . But this type of object also has the advantage, by its transparency, of being visually compact : it therefore perfectly finds its place in small spaces . And if your decor is rather classic, the mix of styles often offers good surprises. Finally, the last advantage of this type of decoration, there is everywhere! So you choose ...


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