Battery side dishes

Battery side dishes

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The handles of stoves that keep closets closed, the stacks of dishes in improbable balance, or the scattered plastic boxes, does that remind you of your kitchen? Do not panic, the professionals have thought of storage systems to save space. Pans with removable handles The inventor of Tefal non-stick pans was the first to make our lives easier, by launching its Ingenio range: stoves and pans stackable thanks to their removable handles. From now on, even the buttons on the covers, fixed by a magnet, are removable (Ingenio 4, from € 34 per pan and € 12 per cover, full batteries on the Redoute or Maison de Valérie sites). Foldable storage boxes Tupperware offers a line of all-purpose storage boxes: the Mini-max. Round bowls or rectangular accordion-shaped boxes, they adapt to the size of the contents and fold flat to go into the dishwasher. When stored, they are a few centimeters thick. No more pyramids of boxes! (four formats of round boxes and two formats of rectangular boxes, from € 9, Stackable dishes of Asian inspiration Inspired by traditional Japanese lacquered bento boxes - or compartmentalized picnic boxes - the Bento tableware line by Sentou combines utility and decoration. Turquoise, red or black, plates, bowls and melamine goblets stack up to form very graphic columns according to your imagination (eight colors, from € 15.40 for the four plates). Zen style stackable tableware Plates, salad bowls or stackable stoneware cups from Adonde combine to create a very elegant and refined table. They even go into the oven or dishwasher. In fact, Alain Ducasse chose Adonde to equip his last New York restaurant, Adour. But the range remains affordable: € 36 for the large salad bowl, € 17 for the deep dish (sold on The clever bottle rack Flexible, the silicone mat from allows stacking bottles and cans. Ideal to avoid breakage! Available in pink, blue and orange (€ 5.25).


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