Lightweight concrete for floor-to-ceiling layout

Lightweight concrete for floor-to-ceiling layout

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Lightweight concrete allows for a multitude of layouts, from floor to ceiling, from the kitchen to the bathroom, indoors and outdoors. What are its manufacturing secrets, its properties and its various applications in the home? Follow the guide !


As the name suggests, this type of concrete is made up of ingredients that make it as light as possible. The usual gravel in the recipe is then replaced by lightened granules (expanded shale, expanded clay or polystyrene, particles of cork or wood) or additives such as air entrainers. We can also cause gas emissions and create voids, this is cellular concrete.


Lightweight concrete does not weigh heavily on the scale! According to concrete experts, their density is much lower than that of a conventional product: "from 300 to 1800 kg / m3, compared to 2300 kg / m3 for conventional concrete. For some light concretes, it can drop to densities close to 0.4 kg / m3 ". Less resistant, lightweight concrete has a strong thermal and sound insulation power.

For floors…

The light concrete screed is an easy solution to implement and appreciated if you want a high-performance result for the thermal and sound insulation of your interior, while remaining light. Think of light concrete to make the floors upstairs or for a mezzanine. It can then be painted, covered with mosaics, tadelakt, wooden veneer or even a waxed concrete coating.

… the walls

Lightweight concrete also makes it possible to create partitions in all rooms of the house. The Siporex company offers a curved tile in aerated concrete, which widens the decorative horizons! It is now possible to create a curved partition, to delimit spaces, to dress a fireplace or to create a stairwell. Cellular concrete partitions are also planned by Siporex for the development of the attic. The new partitions naturally follow the slope of the roof.

And even the furniture!

Basins, fireplaces, baths, tables, seats ... lightweight concrete can meet all your furniture desires. The LCDA company specializes in this area and offers a varied collection and also adapts to your custom development projects. Siporex aerated concrete panels also allow you to easily make chairs, tables or shelves (3.85 euros per block on; 21.90 euros per curved tile on


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