A coach for the garden in a gift box

A coach for the garden in a gift box

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Gift boxes are generally very popular during the holiday season because they allow you to offer a tailor-made gift. So this year, offer CoachinBox on the theme of nature. CoachinBox offers an online coaching service on the garden to offer in a gift box. Succeeding in a vegetable patch on your balcony, allowing your children to make their first vegetable patch or even going organic, these are the proposals of the boxes. In each of them, you will find a selection of seeds to sow corresponding to the project. Then go online to get advice from vegetable specialists who will accompany you for twelve months. As soon as you register online, you will be asked to specify your project in order to best support you. You will then receive by email, day to day, sticky note advice depending on the season, the weather ... And for any questions, you can refer to experts through direct consultations. Finally, to share your experiences, you will have access to the club of those who carry out the same project as you! - I make my first vegetable patch (special for juniors) 19.90 euros - I make a vegetable patch on my balcony 29.90 euros - I start in the vegetable patch 34.99 euros - I switch to organic food 46.99 euros Available on www.coachinbox. Fr


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