Inspiration: revamp your furniture with effect paints

Inspiration: revamp your furniture with effect paints

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Want to change the decor and furniture without throwing anything away? Just revamp your furniture to give it a new look. For this, there are many paints and other varnishes. The aspects and textures are always more innovative and very visual to bring sophistication and originality to the furniture. And as everyone wants to get started like decorating shows, the brands have developed "effects" that are easy to apply to create their own decor. We can opt for a glossy effect which will give a lacquer effect, a bleached effect for the mineral aspect of lime, a pearly effect for changing and iridescent reflections, a frosted effect reminiscent of splinters of frost. Know that you can use most of these effects on your entire furniture or partially by using stencils or by choosing only one side according to your tastes. And to meet your expectations, drying times are optimized (1 to 2 hours) and the tools are cleaned with water. Get inspired!


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