Christmas: as a gift, our advent calendar to download

Christmas: as a gift, our advent calendar to download

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Your subscription to the Christmas newsletter is confirmed. To thank you, offer you an advent calendar to download and assemble yourself!

Calendar to print >> here <<

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- scissors - paper (as rigid as possible) - a printer - glue - a hole punch - baker twine twine


1. Print the boxes (the stiffer the paper, the easier your boxes will be to assemble, but conventional paper is fine). 2. Cut out the boxes, being careful to keep the tabs gray. To make this step less tedious, you can cut several boxes at the same time, taking care to keep the sheets perfectly on top of each other (you can use paper clips or drawing pliers). 3. Make 4 small incisions in the 4 internal corners of each box, to separate the tabs. 4. Using a hole punch, make a hole in the locations provided to hang the boxes. 5. Fold the different tabs. 6. Apply glue to all the tabs, and fold the box, keeping the sides tight. 7. Leave to dry. 8. Then place candies or chocolates in the boxes, and close them by tying a piece of wire in the perforated holes. You can also use the strings to hang your calendar on the tree.