6 ideas to revamp your living room for back to school

6 ideas to revamp your living room for back to school

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Back to school is always a bit like a new start. New comrades for some, new colleagues for others, and above all, new goals! It is often a pivotal period from which emanates some desires for change and where new ideas are jostled. And we, new ideas, we like that ... Especially when it comes to interior design! In the living room, you've been dreaming of being able to rethink things for a while. But where to start to give it a facelift? Refresh the walls, renovate the furniture, change the colors, opt for new lighting… Many tricks exist without having to change everything. Good news for the budget! Below, our best advice and tips for revamping your living room for the new school year.

1. Refresh your walls

© Hello Blogzine To renew the atmosphere of a room, we give it a little fresh air by revamping its walls. We let ourselves be seduced by vegetable shades who invite nature into your home. Greens are on the rise, from the softest to the darkest: sage, emerald, forest ... From pastel to frank color, you choose the intensity that suits you. The warm colors are not to be outdone. They vibrate the interiors: terracotta, burnt orange, curry yellow or marsala, a daring wine dare! Today, we no longer hesitate to free ourselves from the classics and we dare atypical forms. For example, paint the entire lower part of a wall and leave the white space above will give a feeling of height. And why not draw a colored rectangle on the wall to define an office space or a music corner? What about white in all of this? It still has its place and bring light to your interior. It comes in pure white, ivory or shell, bluish or gray… A timeless classic and an asset for rooms with north facing windows.And if Grandma's wallpaper no longer suits you, know thatthere are many very popular patterns today. Ideal for giving character to a slightly bland room! We will then choose to large floral patterns for a room with generous volumes, or more subtle patterns in a more restricted space. We only focus on one or two sections of walls to avoid overdosing. Not too much is needed, as they say!

2. Renovate your furniture

© Filiberta Pagnotto Give your furniture a little makeover? Child's play ! First of all, we start by making an inventory of what can be kept as is. For the rest, there are tips: repaint furniture by choosing a shade that will harmonize with the whole room, draw geometric or floral shapes. There are many models ofvintage or scandinavian inspiration on Pinterest. Do not hesitate to check it out ! For a dresser for example, we can paint each drawer of different color. Shades of shades, primary or complementary colors, You decide ! We change the door knobs (or drawer handles). Matt black metal, gold color, painted porcelain, antique accessories flea market… The possibilities are endless and will make your furniture a unique gem. Your wooden furniture deserves a second life, so don't hesitate! There are now online tutorials to help you strip, stain and enhance the grain of wood. Lately, walnut wood is back in force with its warm and deep shades. And why not register for a workshop? Some stores such as Leroy Merlin or Castorama now offer small initiations. For a fun, practical and friendly moment. To our brushes!

3. Bet on textiles

© The war of words The fabrics offer us a multitude of possible textures and combinations, so no hesitation! We choose the atmosphere: ethnic, Scandinavian, tropical, pop, bohemian or shabby chic… And if we let ourselves be tempted by the graphic side of the terrazzo ? We love its design and festive confetti side evoking the Memphis movement. A new sofa cover to change your look, soft blankets for a cocooning atmosphere, a soft carpet and cushions that invite comfort ... We let ourselves be carried away by the desires of the moment! For a Scandinavian style, we adopt fur-style cushions, geometric patterns in pastel colors and light wood. And if we wish a bright and environment-friendly interior, we naturally move towards natural fibers : organic cotton, washed linen, hemp or recycled fibers. Our planet still has so many alternatives to offer!

4. Rethinking your wall decor

© La Petite Scandinave Customizing the walls is a breeze. We choose frames of different sizes and shapes with photos and mirrors to create a chic or fun wall section. We opt for various and varied stickers for a few quotes “Feel good”, Just to keep in mind your goals and your motivation. We glean retro posters flea market: old advertisements, tourist posters from the fifties… It is also the return of embroidery drums : in version 2.0, they allow everyone to use their creativity. And the shelves in all of that ? We choose them suspended, lacquered or in natural wood, supported by uprights in matt black metal or without support. They welcome books, trinkets and green plants while structuring the wall space. An ideal space for small collectors' finds, like a mini cabinet of curiosities!

5. Go green

© Alicia Mechani Have fun and breathe by “oxygenating” your living room! Cacti, succulents, mini ferns and tropical plants dream of settling down with us. On the walls, textiles, accessories, but also in pots and mini greenhouses on the corner of a pedestal table, a window sill, on a shelf ... enough to create a real urban jungle! The aerial side of the hanging plants will be most beautiful in a suspension in macrame, for a resolutely retro and bohemian look. What if we tell you that these green friends have more than one trick up their sleeve? With their depolluting, anti waves, soothing properties, they are shock allies for our hectic lifestyles. And if the urge to cuttings make yourself felt, don't deprive yourself! Social networks are full of good plans to learn the art of cuttings and exchange plants. Enough to enrich its collection cheaper !

6. Change lighting

© Blog But To change your perspective and enhance the makeover of your living room, nothing beats lighting that matches your decor! We opt without hesitation for warm white light fixtures. We choose light garlands and candles for a hygge spirit gentle and reassuring, rattan suspensions or in matt black metal. And why not a driftwood floor lamp ? Nothing like it for a natural and poetic look! To modulate the lighting, we ensure that it is equipped with a dimmer to meet your specific needs. It's up to you to play with the effects, the transparencies and the lights, to enhance your new living room!So, are you ready to kick-start this show? By starting on a good foundation, your winter can only go well. Joy and good humor to you!