Silver wood for three styles of decoration

Silver wood for three styles of decoration

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Attracting light and elegant, the silver hue is increasingly present in the decoration. Still confined to accessories a few years ago, the silver reflection is also displayed today on wooden furniture. Deciphering a trend that adapts to three styles of decoration.

Oriental trend

In a hammered iron spirit, the silver wood can be inspired by Indian traditions and be part of an oriental atmosphere. The shapes are rounded and the furniture generous. Maisons du Monde thus offers a Jaïpur collection in silver wood composed of a chest of drawers, a coffee table, a bedside table and a cabinet, which will perfectly suit a warm decor in orange, pink tones…

Baroque trend

Silver wood can also be reinvented in a 2010 baroque atmosphere. With furniture directly inspired by those of the 16th and 17th centuries such as consoles, shepherdesses or chairs with curved but silver legs of course! The Déco Privée site offers a wide variety of silver wood furniture in a very Baroque trend.

Glamor trend

Shiny and eye-catching, silver is of course suitable for a glamorous and feminine decor! A silver chest of drawers, a wardrobe or a chair will be perfect in a feminine bedroom. To associate with glamorous colors like fuchsia pink, red and why not black for the chic side. You will find at Graine d'Intérieur a very feminine bedside table and wardrobe, decorated with flowering tree branches…


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