Soup Master: This is the right soup!

Soup Master: This is the right soup!

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While sneezing, I try to write you an article. I assure you, it's easy with a rhube! What I would need right now is a good homemade soup on which we have to blow for each spoonful. A homemade soup that reminds you of the existence of your throat and that at the same time warms your hands. In general, when I make a soup, I cook all my vegetables with steam then comes the delicate operation known as the transfer to the blender. I could actually use a mixer stand but it turns out that I don't have one and that it would ruin the rest of my article anyway. This is where Russell Hobbs' new device comes in, a heated blender with the explicit name: Soup Master.

With Soup Master, we put our vegetables, we wait and half an hour later, we have a good soup to taste. The thing more, this blender is not only used for soup but can also make sauces, jam or compotes. The machine is rather smart with its 4 programmed temperatures (40, 80, 100 and 120 ° C) and its many accessories including a steam basket, a mixer and a bottle brush. Announced at a price of € 149, the Soup Master is already available in many online stores.