The plexi chair: we only see it!

The plexi chair: we only see it!

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What is plexi?

The real name of plexi is polymethyl methacrylate. It is also known as plexiglass

It is a light and resistant material. It is part of the group of thermoplastics: plastic materials which can be deformed and shaped under heat. PVC or even Teflon are other examples of thermoplastics.

Plexi is used in particular as safety glass in the aeronautical and automobile industry. It is also used in the manufacture of various objects and furniture: chairs, tables or even light fixtures.

The pros and cons of plexiglass

Like any material, plexiglass has some advantages and disadvantages. It is useful to read it before acquiring one or more plexi chairs for your interior.

Plexiglass has many advantages, which make it a material acclaimed by designers to create furniture and decorative items for years.

  • It is a very robust material.
  • It is lighter than glass, while also being transparent.
  • It can be colored, while retaining very good transparency.
  • It is resistant to chemicals

Plexiglass has certain disadvantages, which it is good to keep in mind.

  • It is very easily scratched. This can make it duller over time.
  • Vintage models tend to yellow and lose their pristine transparency. This no longer happens with the new Plexiglas.

Plexiglas maintenance

It is a material very easy to maintain. Thus, your plexi chairs will keep their shine for many years, without effort.

Its maintenance is easier than that of glass. Using a simple dry cloth, wipe your plexi chairs and other furniture. You can occasionally spray it with water outside and let it dry.

The plexi chair, for a design and modern interior

Updated especially by designer Philippe Starck and by the Italian brand Kartell, the plexi chair Design lovers are becoming more and more attractive. And i must say that she has what! She knew how to abandon her image of cheap plastic for a much more chic aura!

Both modern and elegant, the plexi chair finds its place in various rooms of the house.

  • In the dining room : it is perfect to modernize a wooden family table, or to shake up the codes of Scandinavian decoration.
  • In the kitchen : around the table or as a bar chair version, the plexi chair brings a certain touch of elegance to this often practical room.
  • In a room : warm your plexi chair with a large blanket, and install it in front of a dressing table or in a corner of the room. You can use it to store your belongings, like a valet.
  • In an office : for a resolutely modern desk, combine the plexi chair with a transparent glass desk. For a more quirky atmosphere, opt for a solid wood desk or colored in chic shades (black, midnight blue or anthracite gray).

The advantage of plexi chairs is that their transparency gives them a certain discretion. Ideal for those who like refined interiors! In a small apartment, the plex chairi adapts perfectly to the constraints of small spaces. It distributes the light and gives the room an impression of grandeur.

For a designer interior, favor models that recall classic furniture, such as Louis XVI armchairs. For a chic interior, avoid the seats in plexi colored with bright colors. Reserve this type of plexi chair in a teenage bedroom or an apartment with pop decoration.


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