10 atmospheres around the parquet

10 atmospheres around the parquet

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Whether old or contemporary, solid or laminate, parquet impresses its style with a decor. The alignment and dimensions of its slats are also important to create different decorative inspirations. Here are 3 main trends according to styles. Honey colored Hungarian point parquet : typical of classic interiors and Haussmann apartments, the slats are made of solid oak. It is as suitable for a classic decoration as a contemporary one, especially if it is clear. Straight parquet with wide dark planks : a trend in contemporary parquet whether solid or laminate to create a loft atmosphere. Very dark, almost black, with brilliant vitrification, this is the trend of the moment to establish a loft, workshop or industrial spirit. Straight bleached pine parquet : seaside trend for this parquet which is slightly stained, its color almost melts with that of sand. It is the parquet of family houses by the sea.


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