Wallpics dresses your walls

Wallpics dresses your walls

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To dress the walls with artist photos, there are now economical solutions such as Wallpics boxes. The goal: art at home accessible to all! Wallpics is a selection box of photographs gathered to dress each room of the house. You will thus find a box for the child's room, a box for the kitchen and two boxes for the living room. Each brings together 4 photographs 20x30 cm in silver print, ready to frame and 4 marie-louises of 15x10 cm. Each box is limited to 1000 copies in order to guarantee the originality of the prints. Among the artists: Vincent Munier, LiliRoze, Cetrobo, Wanda K, Milla Zacharias & Chris Jongkind. Baby Room set: a colorful and dreamlike universe that takes children between dream and reality. Kitchen box: still lifes revisited to whet your appetite in the kitchen. Living-room set: a box that presents an extreme nature and which takes us into an ice desert. Living-room 2 set: young talents present their urban reveries to give the interiors a very contemporary style. Price: 39 euros (Fnac point of sale)> More info on


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