Make the right choice before winter: opt for the warmth of the wood stove!

Make the right choice before winter: opt for the warmth of the wood stove!

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Choose a wood stove for its aesthetic appearance but above all its more ecological heating technique! Change your heating and fall for a contemporary and innovative design to give character to your living room.

Which stove to choose?

In terms of wood stoves, there are several models available to you. The stove replaces gas or electric heaters which have become very expensive and do not offer the same energy performance. How to choose between the different types of stoves?

A wood log stove

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Do you have an old-fashioned image of wood stoves? Those of our elders who were badly heated and who were very impressive? Forget all that to discover the new wood log stoves! This heating will find a special place in our house as it has become a decorative item. Since the beginning of the 21st century, the log stove has been very easy to install and reloads exactly like a traditional fireplace. We open the glass door and place a log there. So what is the difference between a log stove and a fireplace? It's his performance and performance ! The wood log stove distributes pleasant warmth and is also perfect for creating an atmosphere of relaxation and well-being. In addition, wood logs are very inexpensive and the stove requires very little maintenance. However, you must be present to load the log stove.

A pellet stove

Unlike the wood stove, the pellet stove works with pellets. They are made with a mixture of small pieces of wood and sawdust. The assembly is compressed at high pressure and does not require no glue or chemicals. No risk to your health with this ecological heating and using natural products.

The pellet stove is appreciated for the constant and pleasant heat. A real advantage of the pellet stove is that you don't have to be next to it to bring fuel. A worm screw feeds the stove continuously. You can even program it to save some money or preheat the house after a long absence. In addition, the main advantage of the pellet stove is that it uses all of the fuel. The granule burns completely and you have no loss of material. The pellet stove does not require intense maintenance. You just need to empty the ash collecting container from time to time.

The advantages of a wood stove?

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By deciding to install a wood stove, you benefit:

  • a significant savingsbecause wood is very inexpensive
  • a less impact on the environment through the use of wood which is a renewable energy source
  • a programming your heating to reach the desired temperature
  • reduced maintenance
  • a high performance and a very interesting performance

What about decoration?

The wood stove is the trendy accessory for decoration! It has replaced the large designer electric heaters and traditional fireplaces which are too unprofitable. The wood stove has all the advantages of very efficient heating while providing a decorative object that gives a real identity to a room. In recent years, manufacturers have redoubled their imagination to create unique and original models.

Classic, industrial or very contemporary decoration, wood stoves are available in different styles to meet all tastes.

A desire for classic

Imagine your living room with herringbone parquet in raw wood and walls decorated with refined moldings. In the center of the main wall, install a clean wood stove with a large window which gives the opportunity to admire the flames dancing and changing colors. We add an oak bookcase and a large leather sofa. To rest, choose a wing chair on which you put a plaid and a plain cushion. The whole will form a warm atmosphere warmed by your stove.

Industrial version

A large loft that combines bricks and metal beams is ideal for creating an industrial atmosphere. We install a wood stove with raw lines and mixed materials. There are a large number of wood stoves with steel walls, small storage to place the logs and which feature slender curves. Add some accessories like an old industrial designer lamp or an enamelled plate to play the industrialist thoroughly!

In cocooning mode

Do you like to take time to relax at home, light a few candles and listen to soft music? So choose a vintage wood stove or with large windows to be flooded with fire light. To give yourself a moment for yourself, choose a large sofa with lots of cushions and very soft. Add light sources to various locations in the room. Play on natural materials such as a raw wood coffee table, a large sherpa mesh rug and a driftwood lamp.

For a contemporary atmosphere

More contemporary style with a refined piece and colorful furnishings! Select original accessories such as an animal-shaped carpet, a lamp with an innovative design and extraordinary materials. The colors are frank and contrast between them. For the wood stove, choose a hanging model that brings a light and floating atmosphere. In contemporary decoration, no fuss! We do not overload the decor and we choose noble materials. Create a large shelf on one of the walls, imagining unstructured lines and locations of various sizes. Apply a few splashes of strong color to the bottom of the shelves.

Trust wood stoves to reduce your energy bill and make real savings by having fun with an elegant and chic stove. However, seek the advice of a professional for the installation of a wood stove and for the integration of a suitable ventilation system.