What colors to match with the mole?

What colors to match with the mole?

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Mole… or not?

Good to know: the word "mole" is today associated with a wide variety of shades that sometimes have nothing to do with each other! To associate the mole with another color, always start by checking that your "mole" is a mixture of gray and brown and that the color deserves its name.

Indeed, certain shades tending to lilac are also wrongly called mole ... Make no mistake!

Match the mole to the gray

The first thing to remember if you want marry the mole with other colors for you, it is that the color taupe is generally a warm and quite soft shade. For a harmonious rendering in a room, it is therefore advisable to associate it with rather cold colors, which will contrast with its warmth and bring character to the whole. Like gray for example, a non-color that matches perfectly with the mole by subtly highlighting the cozy side of the mole.

Which shades of gray work best with mole? Silver gray, steel gray, lead gray or younger gray.

Match the mole with green

For bring out the mole in a room (whether it is on the walls or at the level of the furniture and / or decoration), it is therefore important to associate it with a cold and fairly powerful color. This is why if you marry the mole to a dark green like moss green or fir green, the rendering will necessarily be there!

Note: if you opt for a rather light shade of mole, dare the mole / mint green or water green combination!

Taupe and purple: a daring bet, but a winning one

On paper, taupe and purple are two shades that one would not necessarily think of combining… And yet, if fuchsia and shades of purple tending to pink are to be avoided with taupe, this color makes a marriage perfect with dark purple hues!

Like for example blueberry violet, plum, eggplant or indigo.

Taupe and petrol blue: the winning duo

Associating the mole with petroleum blue may seem, at first glance, unusual. And yet, these two shades, in addition to being super trendy at the moment, have one major point in common: gray! Yes, if the mole is a mixture of gray and brown, petroleum blue is a skilful mix of blue, green and gray.

Gray therefore ensures unity between these two colors, and makes them respond perfectly well in an interior.

Avoid with the mole: warm colors

To enhance the taupe color harmoniously in an interior, it is better to avoid associating it with other warm colors that would only suffocate it. So even if you like light tones and vibrant colors, be sure to avoid shades such as Indian pink, garnet red or orange for example.

On the other hand, if you are not a fan of too cold colors and want a bright interior, you can always bet on white for strong pieces of furniture or interior decoration (mole walls - white sofa for example ).