Decorative horoscope: "Brothels" inspiration for Scorpio

Decorative horoscope: "Brothels" inspiration for Scorpio

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True conqueror and being of instinct, the scorpion cultivates a part of shade just like the underground insects with which its sign is associated. Intuitive and ardent, he is a whole personality who cultivates the secret and nourishes the fantasy of the people who rub shoulders with him. In its interior, its decoration is also guided by its instinct: the scorpion evolves between areas of light and shade: alcoves with dim lights, floor mattresses, a well-lit chaise longue for a reading corner. Being carnal par excellence, he opts for sensual materials, such as velvet or silk, which dramatize his interior. The result is cozy and warm in shades of red and orange because his house is also his refuge.

- His home

A souplex, a troglodyte house.

- His favorite piece

a cabinet of curiosities, a library boudoir, a small room both sensual and symbol of knowledge, but also the bedroom.

- His color

Orange, red.

- Its purpose

A padded chaise longue, a red velvet curtain.

- Its decorative style

Inspired by the "Brothels" series, the decoration of the scorpion cultivates the mystery with secret rooms, cupboards containing treasures, hidden couches, heavy velvet drapes. Find the scorpion sticker on