Warm up your decor with wool!

Warm up your decor with wool!

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Wool is making a comeback in the house, a natural trend that requires it. Exit synthetic materials without cachet, the decor is dressed in wool for a warm, comfortable and soft interior. Follow our selection of plaids, rugs, cushions or wool lampshades to create a welcoming atmosphere in your home.


For optimal wool quality, make sure that the "Woolmark" label appears on the product. He ensures that the wool comes from the shearing of healthy and alive animals. The designation "virgin wool" guarantees you top quality wool. Finally, when you see 100% wool or pure wool, it can be of lower quality products or recycled wool.

Decorative ideas

For your winter evenings, the woolen blanket will keep you warm. Choose folk for a soft and joyful interior, like the Birgit model from Ikea (35 euros). Or opt for a plain model with the Woolmark quality mohair plaid spotted on 3 (109 euros). Also think of wool cushions, to enhance your interior. Why not a Mongolian goat wool cushion? With its long soft hairs, you will find it in gray on the site (39.95 euros). With loops or long hairs, kilim or animal skin style, the wool carpet is available in all styles. Succumb to the traditional sheepskin (on at 70 euros) or the Woolmark hand-woven carpet signed Ikea (119 euros the Alvine Ruta model).