Mom's interview: And God Created

Mom's interview: And God Created

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After our great interview with Eve from the blog Mini Reyve, our sparkling interview with Cécile from the blog Poulette Magique, we went to ask Élisa a few questions from the very nice blog Et Dieu Créa. Élisa welcomes us to her blog with all the sweetness and kindness that characterizes her. His tickets and photos breathe happiness and have this little taste of Madeleine de Proust as their atmosphere reminds us of the lovely moments of our childhood… For you, what is the coolest Mother's Day gift you could receive this year (or next year if it takes time)? I would very much like to receive a time capsule: a box in which we hermetically seal drawings, words, a dried flower or some trinkets chosen by children and which we will not reopen in twenty years. The worst gift we can give you, however? A ready-made box like those found in perfumeries. It is impersonal at will. DIY level of children, and we know their abilities in this area, what is the WORST they could offer you (even if it comes from their little heart full of hope)? Something made of booger, or something that disappears under booger. And the best? (the coolest / practical / beautiful kid's DIY)? I need a storage compartment on my bedside table

For Mother's Day, Élisa offers us a DIY: beautiful tissue paper flowers in which we can slip a stick of solid perfume.

What would you recommend to the teacher for this year's Mother's Day DIY? A recording of a small interview of my child on what he feels for his mother, all in a nice USB key. You are a mom, you must have had some Mother's Day gifts created for the occasion… Which was better? A photo of Jules on which he had drawn comic book bubbles, it was funny and offbeat, all with children's writing. And the worst ? A particularly flammable chandelier, we almost left the house there. And what did you do with it? Do they sit well in the living room or "oops, it broke"? They are each entitled to their exposure time and then I store them carefully And you, moreover, do you have any memories of the DIY that you gave your mom when you were little? I never wanted to follow the instructions of the mistress, suddenly it was often a bit ugly but very personal!

That evening, it was Jules who made the dinner…

Deco level and / or organization of family daily life, what is the best advice you could have received from your mom? She always cooks for eight and freezes half for the days when you don't want to cook. A message for her? I love you my little champagne bubble! To find Et Dieu Créa:


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