Kids tutorial: cute little flower pots

Kids tutorial: cute little flower pots

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We had already welcomed Cécile (alias Poulette Magique), blogger and hyperactive mom, on with her tutorial in Indian disguise for children. She even agreed to participate in the special Mother's Day interview game. Today, Cécile invites you to decorate small flower pots with your children. A creative and fun activity to do with the family for spring!


- Small terracotta flower pots - Mini plants (succulent type) - Potting soil - Pastel paint - Brushes - Masking tape - Pastel paper - A pair of scissors


1. Paint each jar in two different colors at the top and bottom

2. Leave to dry for about 1 hour 3. Draw small cute faces with a brush

4. Decorate the rim of the pot with dots or waves for example

5. Cut out ear shapes from pastel paper

6. Glue them inside the pot, at the rim with the masking tape 7. Repot the plants using the potting soil and voila!


This tutorial is child's play: in no time, you get little pots to place everywhere in the house to give it a touch of cute. You can personalize your pots and decorate them as you wish. The possibilities are limitless ! So let the creativity of your little one express itself. The main thing is to have fun together! Thanks to Cécile for this tutorial. Find her on her Poulette Magique blog and on her Instagram. Did you like this tutorial? Send us photos of your cute little pots on our Facebook page and find more ideas on our Pinterest!