The new cast iron utensils from Cyril Lignac

The new cast iron utensils from Cyril Lignac

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The most famous French chef returns to the front of the stage to present his range of cast iron cookware. For your summer barbecues, your Sunday family meals or for your weekday lunches, a full range of cuisine, efficient and useful for all cooks. 12 essential elements to find exclusively at Carrefour.

A new range of utensils to shine like a chef

The line includes 12 modern utensils of different colors (shiny red, matt black, pearly white). Each element of the range is compatible with induction and promises to be guaranteed for life. Indeed, enameled cast iron offers a durable solidity which even overshadows our casseroles of grandmother. All utensils are made of cast iron on the outside and enamel on the inside, whether it is the round frying pan (49.99 euros), the mini casserole dish (14.99 euros), wok with lid (59.99 euros) or the Grill (39.99 euros). For maximum scratch resistance, at various temperatures, but also for obvious cooking comfort. Note that all the pieces in the range (even the acacia wood cutting board) are dishwasher safe.

Cast iron: a major ally in the kitchen

On the utensil side, Cyril Lignac is not his first try. The chef had already launched a stainless steel collection in 2015. Why choose enameled cast iron today? Because this material combines style and practicality, with unparalleled robustness. A good way to offer decorative and quality products, which join the ambition of the chef, that of "making the kitchen accessible to the greatest number". Yes, it's no secret that cast iron is the best friend of great chefs like aspiring cooks. There are many advantages: from optimum heat conservation to the ability to cook food evenly, there is no doubt that cast iron is one of the best materials for simmering gourmet dishes. In addition, the service life of enameled cast iron makes the utensils profitable over time. One of the strengths of cast iron is its robustness and resistance to different extreme temperatures. Long live this new range!

Cyril Lignac's range of cast iron utensils can be found exclusively in Carrefour stores until June 18.


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