The dishes are inspired by the 1970s

The dishes are inspired by the 1970s

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After the furniture and the small decoration, the 1970s rub off on the tableware! Colorful and graphic, the seventies tableware does not go unnoticed and immerses us in a deliciously regressive universe. It also inspires current brands such as Geneviève Lethu, Luminarc and Maisons du Monde, who do not hesitate to ride the wave of retro fashion ... for our greatest pleasure!

The revolution on our plates!

A mixture of provocation, modernism and cultural freedom, the 1970s revolutionized the ultra classic codes that had hitherto governed the world of design and fashion. As for shapes, influenced by the Scandinavian countries, many objects are starting to abandon convoluted lines to adopt a more sober, rounded and refined design. Colors also play a big part and are now part of everyday life! The house - tableware included - is adorned with orange, brown, but also yellow, red or bottle green, flagship colors of the seventies. At this time, manufacturers obviously follow the trend by offering models of plates, glasses and dishes with a simplified and very colorful design: the table then becomes a playful element around which the family gathers at mealtime, joyful and relaxed.

The seventies, a recognizable look between a thousand

In terms of materials, the dishes are gradually abandoning porcelain in favor of plastic and melamine, which are appearing in most homes. Less fragile and more accessible in terms of price, they are truly the star materials of the post-war period, particularly appreciated for their robustness. But ceramic remains very present and is found in the plates and dishes used for everyday meals. It was also at this time that opal crockery appeared, resistant and easy to maintain: the Arcopal brand also made it its business by launching several collections of plates and glasses which met with historical success. Reissued again since 2016, they display a success and an identity as strong as ever. Other ranges will become emblems of this period, like the Acapulco collection launched by Villeroy & Boch at the end of the 60s: enthusiasts are still snatching up today the multiple pieces with colorful patterns, directly inspired by ancient mexican paintings. It must be said that the large and thick patterns appeared everywhere in the 70s. The glasses are screen printed and more and more models display the logos of the signs of the time. Plates and cups and all kinds are coated with geometric shapes which will inspire many designers - Orla Kiely in mind - from the 2000s. It is also the time of fruit-shaped containers such as ice cube trays in the shape of an apple or salad bowls made of cabbage leaves. Here are some objects from the tableware to give you table ideas in the seventies version!

1. Martine earthenware mug (x2) € 9.18 Maisons du Monde / 2. Coffee Pop seventies orange € 22 V Like Vintage / 3. Kitchen scale € 70.99 Amazon / 4. 10 Modus orange plates 3.03 € Vegaooparty / 5. Opinel Pop Mandarin knife € 8.80 The Knife / 6. Trays with compartments Guzzini Vintage Family / 7. Vintage apple storage box Qualy € 24.90 Decoclico / 8. Glass screen printed vintage flower (x6) 11, 94 € Maisons du Monde / 9. Emsa aperitif servant 35 € BrocanteLab / 10. Brigitte travel mug 8.59 € Maisons du Monde