Mistakes to Avoid in Building a Home: From Planning to Estimating Costs

Mistakes to Avoid in Building a Home: From Planning to Estimating Costs

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Before realizing your real estate project, the plan stage is both essential and essential. To try to see clearly and get around some traps, follow these few rules to the letter. Being an owner is one of the priorities of many French people. While some opt for the purchase of an already existing house, others prefer to build housing that meets their requirements and needs. This second option requires a substantial budget.

The different elements to consider when calculating the price of a new house

The calculation of the price of your new house depends on many criteria. The cost of land per square meter varies depending on the district and the city you choose. This budget includes notary fees, the possible soil study to ensure that it is buildable and the demarcation of your property. The other expenditure items relate to the connection of water, gas and electricity supplies. This mainly concerns land outside the subdivision areas. To establish a global budget, no detail of the project should be omitted. Write down each of them, even the things that you don't think are important. To facilitate this step, use a calculator to estimate the price of building a new house. Compare the result obtained with your financial availability. These are your savings and your monthly or yearly income.

Compare the cost of labor

You have the choice between a builder, a contractor, a project manager or an architect. Each of its service providers has its own working method and a team of professionals. They also offer a different price depending on their skills, qualifications and the type of construction contract. Only the CCMI, or contract for the construction of a detached house, is regulated by law. The total amount of the quote includes all costs and expenses relating to your project. The additional cost and costs not estimated in the fixed budget are the responsibility of the manufacturer.

Don't go headlong

Before moving on to the implementation of the plan for your future home, several parameters must be taken into consideration. Starting with the land: "It is essential to study the PLU (local town planning plan) of the municipality to better understand the constraints linked to the land itself, advises Céline Turpin from the company Casaplans. The future owners can in particular get closer to their town hall and the town planning department. " Other major points, the orientation and the surface of the construction. The first will define the exposure to the sun of your home sweet home and the second will determine its shape but also if it will be a single-storey or two-story house. Finally, the distribution of rooms which will distinguish between living rooms and the sleeping area is also a fundamental parameter.

Don't think about your house as a whole

When you develop your plan, the interior design is at the heart of all attention. Imagine it room by room and never lose sight of the essential: its functionality. "You have to think about your future home as you live every day, with your daily habits," says Céline Turpin. Think carefully and at length about the surface of your rooms, taking particular account of your furniture. Do not hesitate to draw the location of the buffets, beds and desks to better understand the space they will take up.

Leave no detail behind

When designing your plans, specify your wishes for an entrance hall, open kitchen, central island, master bedroom, garage or even a playroom. And don't forget these essentials that will make your daily life easier: cupboards with doors in the bedrooms or dressing room, laundry room, bath or shower, independent or not toilet, etc. Also clearly indicate on your plans the location of your household appliances, hot water tanks, chimney flues if applicable and finally, that of electrical outlets. If you dream of a living room bathed in light by large bay windows, think in advance of the location of your furniture. Same recommendation for the room: do not plan a room of 10 m² if you have a king size bed. "Banish the water rooms and the WCs which also lead to the living rooms. Think carefully about the positioning and sizing of your windows in relation to your sinks, your sinks, and finally, think about the meaning of opening your interior doors "warns Céline Turpin.

The price of a traditional house

This style of house remains very popular with new owners. Several factors explain the variation in prices, starting with the size of the accommodation. This characteristic implies the number of parts, the materials used. The price will also vary if it is a two-story house and if you want a garage. You should also take into account the quality of the construction work. As an indication, plan a budget of between 40,000 euros and 60,000 euros for a 40 m² detached house. For a house of 100 m², you will need to plan at least 100,000 euros. This cost includes that of conventional materials such as brick, concrete and concrete block. Their energy performance and quality also vary the overall amount. As for joinery, the prices depend on your choice between aluminum, wood, PVC and steel. Also consider other options like the pool, garden or terrace in the calculation you make. You will adapt the estimate according to the desired style: modern, contemporary, futuristic or classic.

The price of an ecological house

The concept of ecological housing was born in Germany and many owners have adopted it. The principle consists in constructing a building aiming to reduce its energy consumption and its carbon footprint in nature. This choice involves the use of organic and environmentally friendly materials: clay bricks, wood and many others essential for the construction of a traditional house. You should also know that most of them are custom made according to the dimensions of your accommodation. All these elements impact the final cost of construction, in particular due to ecological sources of energy. These are generally photovoltaic panels, but you can opt for wind and hydraulic energy in certain French regions. Taking all these data into account, the price of a 40 m² green building varies from 46,000 euros for low cost models to 72,000 euros for high-end homes. This estimate helps you calculate the cost per square meter and adapt it to the area of ​​your house.

The price of a wooden house

Many owners favor wood, an ecological material by nature. It also offers the advantage of being easy to work, so that the construction time is relatively quick. It constitutes an insulator allowing to preserve a pleasant room temperature inside the house. The price of this type of building depends on the style of house. For traditional accommodation, it takes 700 to 3000 euros per square meter. On the other hand, the cost varies between 600 and 1200 euros for wooden housing sold in kit form. Very common in the United States, Scandinavia and Canada, this type of house is becoming more and more successful in France. It mainly seduces with its aesthetics.

The price of finishing works

Many finishing works guarantee your comfort and well-being when you move into your new home. Their price depends on the choice of materials to be used for doors and windows. These must ensure good sound and thermal insulation to avoid heat loss in winter. Also consider the type of roof. You have the choice between sheet metal, tile, concrete and slate. You also need to think about the false ceiling and the insulation. Regarding the flooring, there is parquet, ceramic tile, cement tile or paving. There are also several kinds of oil, water and specific paints suitable for all types of media. The price of all these elements also helps to better calculate the cost of a new house in order to plan the necessary budget. We must not forget the price of labor of skilled craftsmen. Their talent and know-how guarantee you quality interventions corresponding to your expectations.


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