A vitamin table for 8 at less than 15 euros

A vitamin table for 8 at less than 15 euros

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We love these stoneware plates in trendy colors: morello cherry, plum or mango. Sold at very reasonable prices: 1.90 euros per plate at Alinéa! A great opportunity to organize the most bohemian dinner of the season without breaking the bank. A fruity trio to mix without moderation on your table. And to bet on a very natural decor: draw from your fruit basket! Poke, for example, your mini cherry tomato skewers in the flashy green of granny apples… immerse lemons and oranges in a transparent vase, take a bunch of grapes tightly packed as a candle holder, and decorate your carafe with water mint leaf at dessert time. Give free rein to your creative nature! > More info on


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