Before / After: Reinvest a neglected swimming pool

Before / After: Reinvest a neglected swimming pool

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A swimming pool requires rigorous maintenance throughout the year: when it is neither covered, nor cleaned or treated regularly, it degrades at high speed. Lack of maintenance is the direct cause of the deterioration of this Maine-et-Loire basin, located above a small valley. Totally abandoned by the previous owners, it deserved a real blush! It was ultimately to the L'Esprit Piscine group that the project was entrusted: a perfectly successful makeover, carried out in the space of just a few weeks. Back on a colorful project!

Rethinking spaces in their entirety

Before : Hard to imagine that this pool could have accommodated so many guests, its condition is so hard to see. The basin is completely eaten by Virginia creeper and weeds. The liner is discolored by the water, which has stagnated over the months. Despite the state of disrepair of the outdoor area, it has many advantages: a superb view of the surrounding valley, a southern exposure, out of sight, as well as the surface necessary to create a corner relaxation.

The new owners are determined to take advantage of their privileged environment, in which they already dream of being able to bathe and rest. For its renovation, they call on the collective L'Esprit Piscine: this group of pool specialists has specialized for many years in the construction, maintenance, upkeep and renovation of swimming pools. Recognized for their expertise and know-how, the architects of L'Esprit Piscine offer owners an original project based on existing architecture. The idea? Take advantage of the advantages and erase the disadvantages of this large space nibbled by nature.

After : It must be recognized, the swimming pool is now unrecognizable. The floors, walls and basin have been completely renovated to make way for a space with a sleek design. The owners can now take advantage of their new terrace which surrounds the mirror type pool: this literally gives the impression of "diving" into the valley located just opposite, to the delight of the family and its guests! The old slabs surrounding the swimming pool have been covered by a wooden floor with contemporary lines. The walls have also been given a facelift, abandoning their worn gratings in favor of a stylized fencing, made to measure by craftsmen from the region. The highlight of this set, a huge Buddha in bas-relief faces the pool, as if to watch over the bathers.

As for accessories, the owners opted for ultra-designer furniture, supplemented by shade sails. One watchword now: simplicity! On the other hand, the pool brings together advanced technologies complemented by a well thought out design: tightness of the reinforced membrane, reverse hydraulic network, glass filtration, compound sloping bottom as well as a "bench" staircase. The submerged shutter, heat pump type heating and LED spotlights are the three "comfort" options chosen by the owners, who now enjoy a pool that is as aesthetic as it is functional. More info on