How I Saved My Wallet: The Fans

How I Saved My Wallet: The Fans

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To offer you some fresh air during long summer days, the essential ally is of course the fan. And if the latter exists in a high tech version with prices that rise as much as the temperature, you will also find many models at much more reasonable prices. So to cool off this summer without heating up your credit card, here is our selection for less than 50 euros.

Each fan type

Before making your choice, know that you will find different ventilation techniques that will more or less adapt to your needs. The table fan can be placed on the desk or on a piece of furniture in the house. It is by far the easiest to transport and the one that will take up the least space. With the same functionality, the pedestal fan will be practical because it moves at will and is autonomous. The more discreet column fan diffuses a vertical air flow with good cooling characteristics. Finally, the ceiling fan is used as a ceiling light and cools the whole room with its large blades.

Low decorative price

From the most basic fan in white plastic to that in chromed or colored metal, the shapes and materials are diverse but have no influence on the quality of the ventilation. Everyone can choose the style of fan that suits them according to their tastes and interior design to best integrate this accessory in the house during the summer season.

1. Proline MVS10AW fan, € 9.99 at Darty / 2. Tristar VE596 fan, € 41.79 at Villatech / 3. Proline FT75M fan, € 29.99 at Darty / 4. Table fan TM30 Green, 39.90 euros at Leroy Merlin / 5. Selecline Ventilateur Pied RD40PRO, 19.90 euros at Auchan / 6. Selecline Ventilateur RT23, 12.90 euros at Auchan / 7. Rowenta Ventilateur VU 2021, 49.90 euros at Auchan / 8. Essentielb Fan EVT 301C, 36.99 euros at Boulanger / 9. American fan, 26.90 euros at Bricorama