Loop curtains

Loop curtains

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Pose on a gathered head

4 At 7 cm from the top of the curtain, pin and stitch with two straight bites your gathered tape. Remember that the heavier the fabric and the larger the width, the wider your pleat tape.


Pull the gathers wires that equip the ribbon and shape your gathers to obtain the desired width.


On the back of the curtain, pin and stitch the passers-by and install your curtain on the rod.


The next day, pin the bottom hem, unhook your curtain and stitch.

Good to know

Recently, you find in the furnishing department of fabric stores and large decorative surfaces accessories that will simplify your life when you realize this type of curtains. First passers-by ready to ask, which exist in a fairly wide range of colors, decorative buttons covered with fabric or to cover yourself for a perfectly coordinated effect, "pins" that even avoid having to sew passers-by, "slides" (small plastic parts which are installed between the passer-by and the rod and allow passers-by or knots to slide easily on the rod)…

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