When 5.5 designers reinvent Duralex

When 5.5 designers reinvent Duralex

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To celebrate the 70th anniversary of Duralex, the 5.5 designers have imagined 70 variations around Picardy glass: young designers are reinventing the iconic glass with a series of recreational and useful accessories, which then turns into a lamp, pencil sharpener, egg cup, etc. If I tell you meals in the canteen, you tell me: spinach and Duralex glasses! We can do nothing for your memories of spinach. On the other hand, we are just as nostalgic for the glasses of our childhood as you are - how old are you? - and under the spell of the variations thought by the 5.5 designers around Picardy glass for the 70th anniversary of the brand. The 5.5 designers have therefore imagined 70 accessories to dress Picardy glasses which in a second turn: into bird feeder, pencil sharpener, piggy bank, maracas, Christmas balls ... And who better than 5.5 designers for this reinterpretation work? They who love working on everyday objects so much for a happy daily life - we remember their collaboration with Scotch-Brite!

The four members of 5.5 designers are never short of ideas Seduced by the idea, Iconic Product Collection (IPC), a young publishing house, has chosen to edit 4 of the objects imagined by 5.5 designers in an editing designerbox limited: the Picardie lamp, the Cot-Cot egg cups, the Duo choc ramekin and the Monsieur Salt and Madame Poivre salt and pepper shakers.

We can't say which interpretation of Duralex glass we like the most. To finance these beautiful editions, IPC is launching a Kickstarter campaign, in which we can participate until July 22.