A little escape corner, at home!

A little escape corner, at home!

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In order to get away from a metro-work-dodo routine that is sometimes a little gray, we suggest that you set up a little escape area at home. In your hands, your memories of getaways, in your mind, this unforgettable feeling of freedom and on your wall, a fully customizable world map. Let's go…

Choose your space

In your living room, to share your memories or in your bedroom, to brighten up your dreams, find a small section of wall conducive to inspiration. The one who, at the slightest glance, will take you back to moments of idleness at the beach, trek to the highest peaks of the globe or selfies in front of the monuments of distant countries. So open your MAP Box Printic and place the world map in cork at the desired height: thanks to its adhesive strip, nothing could be easier!

Gather your memories

Then collect your memories. First draw in your MAP Box Printic, in which the prints of your prettiest souvenir photos await you peacefully. Then, dig into your own Pandora's box, where all these little things accumulated are reminiscent of your past journeys: plane or bus tickets, excursion tickets, little words of your meetings, trinkets of all kinds ... Thanks with orange thumbtacks, associate your memories with the countries on the World Map. From New York to Timbuktu, via Europe and the Caribbean beaches, your personalized world map offers a real world tour in photos! And brings an atypical decorative touch to your interior.

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Point your next destinations

At Printic, they understand that memories are magic, but creating new ones is fantastic! Do you see these little green thumbtacks that make you eye? With them, point out the next travel desires that itch your soles so much. And soon, the little green pushpin will turn orange…


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