No air conditioning? Tips to refresh yourself cheaply this summer!

No air conditioning? Tips to refresh yourself cheaply this summer!

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Because not everyone is lucky enough to be equipped with an air conditioning system at home, here are our tips and advice for refresh at lower cost this summer.

Tip 1: protect yourself from the sun

The first thing to do to prevent heat from settling in your interior, is to insulate your home. Shutters, shutters, electric or wooden blinds, blackout curtains ... Everything is good for protecting yourself from heat waves. We don't hesitate to close everything (even the windows!) To create a barrier with the beating sun.

Tip 2: limit the consumption of electrical devices

We are surrounded every day by devices generating heat in small or high doses. Fixed or portable computer, television, video game console, internet box… So many high-tech gadgets that overheat a room in use. Also if you are cooking, beware of the heat produced by the oven.

Tip 3: refresh the atmosphere

Once the sun has set, it's time to open shutters and windows and let in the cool night air which eliminates the heat accumulated during the day (avoid ventilating your home between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. hottest time). Is the air in the room saturated? It's time to take out the fan to create a feeling of freshness. Whether small or large, this device has the advantage of being able to follow you in any room. In addition, today there are fans at low prices (around 20 euros at Conforama for example).

Tip 4: think of refreshing plants

Climbing plants (ivy, vines, hydrangeas, jasmine, etc.) can cool the temperature of your home on a smaller scale. Thanks to the phenomenon of evapotranspiration, these plants preserve a certain humidity. Attached to the walls of the facade, they thus form a barrier to the heat of the sun.

Tip n ° 5: favor the rooms on the ground floor

Because heat tends to skyrocket on the upper floor, make the most of the bottom rooms of your home. If you have a guest room on the ground floor, this is an opportunity to sleep there people who are too sensitive to heat like young children.

Tip n ° 6: change your domestic rituals

Beware of overheated showers, hot dishes, or cleaning floors with large amounts of water. These harmless activities naturally generate water vapor. Is your body still hot? Choose your slippers and wander barefoot on the naturally cold tiles, the extremities of the body being the body's true thermometers.


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