Dress the walls with plants

Dress the walls with plants

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A little sad cuisine? Too empty a bathroom? Quickly a plant! Color the rooms of your house green and bring life, oxygen, light but above all style to your home sweet home. Because it is not always obvious how to dress the walls of your home, do it with plants. Here are our tips for best decorating the different rooms in your home.

To dress the walls with plants, play with the containers

No need to rob the garden center (and empty your bank account) to repot your green plants. Look around, jars of jam, old jars, soda glasses, bottles of water ... Once cleaned, these recovered vases can easily be aligned with taste on a wooden shelf, fixed to the wall of the stairs or above from your headboard. Do not hesitate to play on the mismatched appearance a bit flea market of the containers, very popular now.

Bet on the supports

A simple shelf or a bamboo ladder? If the first solution has the advantage of not cluttering the space, the second benefits from its mobility and lightness. Whether large or small, in an office or in a bathroom, the ladder (see the Satsumas model, 45 euros at Ikea) is an essential piece. But other supports exist, it is sometimes enough to look aside: a large pile of books or an abandoned stool, and here is your ficus hoisted to the rank of decorative object. Fancy movement? Why not hang your bouquets? Today there are many tutorials to create your own suspensions (a coconut, a teapot, everything can be suspended with a good drill and solid wire).

A garden center for each room

In the kitchen, bet on aromatic plants (thyme, basil, parsley ...) which will naturally scent the room. Opt for small pots that easily nestle around the kitchen or on a window sill. In the bedroom, play with volumes rather than quantity, in order to preserve a relaxing atmosphere. One or two imposing plants in an earthen pot are enough to produce their effect. In the toilets (often dreary and without much decorative interest) think of the interior planters to be fixed to the wall, for a successful waterfall effect.


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