Garden furniture to install inside

Garden furniture to install inside

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Because you will have to wait a bit before settling on the terrace but the garden furniture is already catching your eye, be aware that some rooms can find their place inside. A very decorative idea to make you wait while playing the 2 in 1 card!

Outdoor furniture for the living room or dining room

Finally, the living room and garden furniture are not all that different. They are generally comfortable and aesthetic and bend to the trend of the moment. Also, why not choose outdoor furniture for the living room or dining room? You can move them around the house as well as outside as you wish, while saving space: no more headache of storing outdoor furniture at the end of the summer! If you want a bistro look in the kitchen, you can for example choose small metal chairs. At Fermob, the "Luxembourg" or "Bistro" models have become essential outdoor furniture, which can be installed at home without any risk of decorative faux pas. In the living room, a woven resin garden set can give a very seaside style to the room. And for a design style, we can bet on plastic furniture with very original lines or even inflatable pieces, which will certainly surprise your guests!

A timeless style

The idea is to choose furniture with rather ambiguous lines, that is to say that seems to be dedicated both indoors and outdoors. So, we put aside the deckchairs and other deckchairs and we focus on simple and elegant pieces: sofa, coffee table, armchair ... and why not an XXL pouffe (at Fatboy) or an outdoor mattress that we add to the sofa (Jamini, Caravan, Royal Roulotte…). When the good weather arrives, nothing will prevent you from using your furniture outside! Discover our selection of garden furniture to use indoors.

1. Royal Roulotte printed garden mattress € 89, La Redoute / 2. Fatboy outdoor pouf € 289, Webstore pool / 3. Fermob bistro table in licorice color € 155, Delamaison / 4. Jakarta sofa € 560, Beldeko / 5. Fermob - Bellevie armchair € 898, Connox / 6. Kubu sofa end table € 88.36, Delamaison / 7. Almsta chair € 90, Ikea / 8. hummingbird coffee table € 650, Decolupo / 9. Moon chair € 450, Decolupo / 10. Natural kubu garden bench € 249, Eminza / 11. Black Acapulco armchair € 121, Declikdeco / 12. Högsten table armchair € 75, Ikea