Thermos: the essential of summer

Thermos: the essential of summer

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The thermos, this essential and very useful accessory in everyday life to transport hot coffee and tea to the office. Yes, but the thermos also has its place when the long holidays come. The proof ! If thermos have been known for a long time now, innovation remains constant. Today, these insulated bottles surpass themselves in technical terms and offer an ever more original design, more and more chiadé, and in tune with trends. Remains an inexpensive accessory (about 20 euros) and essential to refresh wherever you are.

Thermos technology

There are different types of thermos (from less than 500 ml to more than 700 ml), for adults but also for young children. So many models adapted to each one that keep your drinks cold up to 24 hours in a row for some, thanks to the refreshing thermos technology (vacuum insulation technology created by the presence of an airless space between the two walls preventing any intrusion of the outside temperature).

For hot but also for cold

Take your thermos out of the cupboard, it is not because it is hot that these small bottles are no longer useful, on the contrary. A family hike? A long trip by car? A picnic outside? Put ice water or fruit juice in your thermos before leaving. For even more freshness, add one or two lemon slices in the ice water. Result, a delicious drink to fight against dehydration to pour into the mug often integrated into the bottle.

A thermos bottle for the whole family

The Foogo models of the brand offer thermos with spout for young children. Non-slip bottles, resistant to drops and impact, with a practical lid. The hermetic system of these thermos offers an effective and studied barrier against bacterial intrusions. Impeccable for your clumsy blond heads.


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