How to protect the garden from the cold?

How to protect the garden from the cold?

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If there is not much going on in the garden during the coldest months of the year, you should however protect the plants from winter temperatures. Here are some important steps to avoid waking up in the spring with a barely garden…

Beware of watering

When it freezes, do not water. Indeed, water also freezes in the ground and its increasing volume, it injures plants, especially if they are in pots.

Protect potted plants

Wrap the jars in bubble wrap but let the branches out. So the ground does not freeze, and the foliage takes advantage of the ambient air.

Beware of the snow

When it snows and it sticks to the branches, shake them. Snow can burn the leaves if it stays on it for too long.

Bring in the fragile plants

Some plants of Mediterranean or tropical origin do not withstand temperatures below freezing. Do not hesitate to bring them in a ventilated, cool and bright place.

Think of the winter veil

This will be particularly used to protect sensitive crops in the vegetable garden from frost or the buttons of camellias and rhododendrons.

Protect the roots

Some plants such as fragile perennials, roses or stem and bulb vegetables fear frost. It is better to protect their roots with mulching or bringing soil around them.


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