How to plant an avocado with a pit?

How to plant an avocado with a pit?

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Stratification, to grow fruit trees at home at a lower cost

In gardening jargon, the stratification is the technical term which means “plant a kernel of fruit in a pot to make a plant ”. This method has many advantages, since it is:

  • Very economical (plant an avocado or any fruit tree with a single kernel is much cheaper than buying a real tree in a garden center!).
  • Anti-waste. Yes, with stratification, you reuse your waste to make new plants rather than throwing it away!
  • Fun and easy: a perfect activity to do with children on weekends. Even if you don't have a green thumb.

Plant an avocado at home: the necessary equipment

On the material side, to plant an avocado in your home and make it grow, you will need:

  • From a well-chosen avocado nucleus;
  • From a plastic glass, or a small glass yogurt pot;
  • From a jar;
  • Potting soil;
  • Wooden sticks like toothpicks or matches.

That's all !

Growing an avocado tree at home: instructions for use

If you want to plant an avocado at home and harvest your small crops independently, here are the 5 steps to follow:

  1. Remove and clean the avocado pitFirst of all, you need to choose your lawyer well. It must be ripe but not too much. Once the fruit is eaten, remove the stone without damaging it and clean it by passing it gently under water. Remove its brown skin before soaking it for about 30 minutes in hot water. Then let it dry in the open air (preferably in the sun) for a few hours in order to remove any moisture.
  2. Plant wooden sticks in the pit. Place the sharpest part of the avocado pit towards the sky and plant three sticks like toothpicks or matches at mid-height, tilting them slightly, without pushing them too far, and at about the same level on the sides.
  3. Put the kernel on top of a glass of water. Then place the pitted core of sticks over a glass of water (without the latter touching the walls) and make sure that it is always filled so that the bottom of the core is in permanent contact some water. Ideally, the glass should be installed in a fairly warm room, and near a window so that it takes advantage of the sun's rays. A few weeks later, the nucleus will have germinated. It will then split and reveal a bud while a root will be visible in the water!
  4. Plant the kernel in a pot. Once the bud has appeared, it's time to put your kernel in the ground. Remove the wooden sticks then plant the kernel in quality potting soil, in a not too large pot. The top of the core must be in the open air. Water it regularly without drowning it and possibly place clay balls or gravel at the bottom of the pot to keep good humidity. Again, place the pot near an opening if possible and pinch the stem of the avocado so that the leaves develop better.
  5. Maintain your avocado tree. At the beginning of summer, you can take the pot out on a balcony or a sunny terrace but do not forget to bring it in to protect it from the wind and frost in winter. If necessary, add a little fertilizer to the soil and repot the tree if it weakens after two to three years.