How to hang magazines in style?

How to hang magazines in style?

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You always rely on magazines to find inspiration, discover good addresses and stay informed of trends. How we understand you! But by dint of accumulating them, you don't know where to store them. That's good, we have selected our favorite tips to showcase your favorite magazines and make them decorative elements in their own right. Discover 8 decorative ideas to hang your magazines in style…

1. Placed on hangers

© Ikea It is the simplest and most economical solution! And for good reason, you only need hangers fixed to the wall, to hang your magazines and newspapers of all kinds. We imagine this staging in a corner of the living room as in the office or even in the toilet! One thing is certain, this tip guarantees you an original wall decoration as you wish…

2. A wooden rack

© burkatron And if you play it librarian with this magazine rack? Stored on wooden racks, your magazines will look great! The good news ? This decor idea could not be easier to achieve as the burkatron blogger proves with her DIY (in English)! Another similar alternative: the picture rails or simple shelves…

3. A coat rack

© Frida Ramstedt, Trendenser.se The art of object diversion! This is what this inspiration from Trendenser offers us! Hanging with the end of strings and hanging from a coat rack, these magazines are bold and elegant and give character to the wall. A simple decoration tip to copy and recopy without moderation…

4. A buttoned display!

© Monsters Circus This is one of our favorite finds! It must be said, this DIY from the Monsters Circus blog is vintage, chic and atypical. To make this superb creation, you just need wooden rails, rope and buttons. Remember to vary the button patterns for an even more trendy look! To get started, discover the tutorial and follow the step by step in pictures…

5. A cork magazine rack

© Binti Home First, a bottle holder, this cork decorative object finds another use in magazine racks. An authentic and natural way to showcase your favorite magazines! Folded in half, the latter come to find refuge in each of the compartments. All you have to do is change them as you read…

6. Towel rack

© Ikea Once again, the misappropriation of objects proves to us that the decoration likes to free itself from codes. Here the magazines are superimposed on the different towel bars. We like the accumulation of installations for a wall full of reading. The advantage? By placing them on the desired page, you can resume reading where you left off ...

7. A leather magazine rack

© burkatron Certainly, it only takes a little to create an exceptional decor! The proof with this artisanal creation from the Burkatron blog. The blogger simply used leather straps and studs to hang fashionable magazines. A decorative tip that can be reproduced to hang towels, scarves and other accessories…

© Monsters Circus Whether your decor style is minimalist, Scandinavian or even industrial, this creation signed Monsters Circus is likely to please you. Indeed, the blogger uses simple copper pipes to store her magazines. In the shape of a round or a triangle, these magazine holders create, by themselves, a graphic and delicate wall decoration!


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