Prepare your kitchen before going on vacation

Prepare your kitchen before going on vacation

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We had left you previously with the general cleaning of the house before going on vacation. It is now time to take care of the central room, the heart of the house, ie the kitchen. If there is a place that deserves attention before closing the door of the house, this is it! Inattention in the preparation of this piece and the risk of returning with a nasty surprise is great. Here is what you absolutely must do before leaving.

Before going on vacation, leave nothing lying around in the kitchen

This makes sense, but it remains the number one tip, the one to always have in mind (even if your mind is already under the coconut trees). Leaving nothing behind means hunting for anything that can deteriorate, mold or attract unwanted creatures. Here is a list of tasks to accomplish in all cases, whether you leave for one, three weeks or two months: - Wash, dry and store all dirty dishes. We want to avoid at all costs that mold installs during our absence. - Empty the dishwasher and leave the appliance door open for the air to circulate. - Wash and wipe the worktops, vacuum and then wash the floor so that no crumbs drag. - Take out the perishable bin but also the sorting bin. Take the empty glass bottles to the container. - Wash the garbage cans and allow them to air dry well. - Group the kitchen linen, put in the dirty linen what must be and dry flat what is wet.

In addition to being practical, the jars add a decorative touch!

What do we do with raw food?

Some foods will be better protected if you use containers that can be closed. There are plastic boxes, glass jars but we can also consider practical and economical solutions such as this improvised closure with bottle caps. If you have fresh produce that you haven't had time to eat, it's time to ring the doorbell. Even if it may seem incongruous to some, it is better than throwing away food that is still consumable, and then it forges ties with the neighbors. Always practical before going on vacation!

Whether or not to unplug your refrigerator before going on vacation?

Two camps compete: there are those who take advantage of it for a deep cleaning of the machine and those who wish to be able to taste a fresh product upon returning. The first important criterion to take into account is the length of your vacation. If you leave for a week, for example, you can easily imagine leaving a few products in a working fridge. Back, you can then eat without going back to the supermarket box. On the other hand, if you desert for three weeks, it is best to leave your fridge off. Firstly because very few fresh foods can withstand such a long shelf life and secondly because if your fridge works almost empty, it consumes little.

By pressing a simple button, I disconnect the refrigerator but the freezer still works.

And what about the freezer? It's almost another story, but you also have to think about it. If the latter needs defrosting, now is the time or never! In this case plan 15 days before your departure, cooking recipes with the products stored in your freezer so as to gradually empty it. If the freezer is still full on the day of departure, let it operate. Finally, if you have a handset (fridge and freezer), check whether it has a holiday mode. Very practical, this function makes it possible to deactivate the refrigerator while leaving the freezer part operating.

The little details that make the difference

After all these chores, you think that nothing has escaped you and yet there are still some traps. For example, if you enjoy a filter coffee every morning, remember to throw out your filter before departure. I have experienced this misadventure often enough to know that the result after a few days is really not pleasant to see. Also remember to empty the water tank, whether from the coffee maker or the kettle, to avoid lime marks. It may be a good idea to clean your toaster because many crumbs are often stuck in it. Finally make a final inspection tour inside your appliances such as the microwave and the oven to make sure that there are no traces of food that could degenerate. This time, you may be ready to close the door and set off. If all these household tasks may have seemed tedious, they will allow you to sleep on your two ears during all your leave. And when you return, is it not a real pleasure to discover a sparkling cuisine?