Bohemian or nomadic spirit

Bohemian or nomadic spirit

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Nomadism is in fashion, the intermingling of styles is a hit and, by extension, the bohemian spirit takes root in decoration. "Bohemia, bohemia, that meant, we are happy ...", Aznavour already sang! A word that evokes the freedom to live according to your wishes, without constraints of any kind, not even aesthetic. Wandering spirit, are you there? This trend is born from an ounce of nostalgia for the hippie period and a fascination for travelers, considered the last free men of the modern era. Recently, mail order catalogs and manufacturers in the decoration sector have offered us collections of objects with evocative names like "gipsy" or "caravan". So many terms revealing the vagabond spirit of their proposals. Result: our houses will be dressed in colorful patterns, inspired without complex by these cultures, yet still largely unknown to the general public. We can establish pleasing aesthetic parallels between Gypsies, Roma, Gypsies and other European nomads on the one hand, and the Hindu style on the other, as each of them mixes the patterns with ease, in a joyful riot of colors and taste for ornaments. Sweet home To create a universe close to these traditions, it is enough to play with bright colors, to mix patterns, to use excessively of patchworks, to hang luminous garlands on the wall, and to add some objects of Romanian inspiration or the Baltic States. Hook lovers will not hesitate to use colorful covers for their sofas or beds. For color, choose reds, pinks, rudders and fuchsias, enhanced with a touch of turquoise. You will play on the accumulation of cushions, all different from each other. Finally, favor sobriety for the furniture, which will often be painted or made of wicker and rattan. One watchword: have fun!


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