Give an oriental style to the balcony for 350 euros

Give an oriental style to the balcony for 350 euros

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What if the Arabian Nights spirit came to your balcony for 350 euros? No need to fly, on a small budget, treat yourself to some carefully chosen accessories for an oriental atmosphere at home!

Materials & colors

The balcony is not necessarily an ordinary place, it is also a part of our apartment in which we can establish a real soul. For an oriental style, we opt for warm tones: purple, orange and red that we do not hesitate to mix. Blue and white can also be used as master colors. A metallic golden or silver touch will perfectly match the ambiance. In terms of material, metal adapts perfectly to the theme, silver, copper, hammered, worked ... the choice is vast! We also like the carved wood option for small pieces of furniture or decorative panels in moucharabieh.

Oriental inspiration

For a warm and family atmosphere, we mix and accumulate a multitude of cushions on which we lie comfortably. We preserve the atmosphere by preparing a mint tea which we place on a typical Moroccan table. We talk until the end of the night in a subdued atmosphere, lit by wax candle holders and wrought iron lanterns. Once the sun has set, we wrap ourselves in a lurex fouta. To take advantage of this "trip", we choose candles scented with orange blossom and we install a carpet in kilim to complete this oriental climate.

1. Oriental cushion € 29.90 Karavane Serail / 2. Wooden table and golden tray € 60.50 Artcraft-Shop / 3. Wax tealight holder € 3 Dragees / 4. Blue blown glass lamp Inara € 54.90 Karavane Serail / 5. openwork metal mirror € 63.90 Maginea / 6. Oriental lantern € 27.60 Manor / 7. Loutx honeycomb weaving fouta € 14.90 Des Foutas / 8. Moroccan pouf in white leather and blue 46 € Aux 1001 Merveilles d'Orient / 9. Carpet in Kilim 57,40 € Artisanat Design